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Show Jumping - Rider Profiles

The top ten British riders from the BSJA Rankings at the end of 2009 will be invited to contend the prestigious title of British Open Champion 2010. Two further contenders will win their chance to compete by coming first or second place at the Addington Classic. Have a look at 2010's invited rider profiles:

2010 Invited Riders:


John Whitaker MBE

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British Ranking: 4
Born: 1955
Lives: West Yorkshire

John Whitaker began riding at the age of six, and just twelve years later formed a wonderful relationship with ‘Ryan’s Son,’ a horse that had just 50p on his card. During the next 14 years together they formed a partnership of nearly-legendary show jumping success – the highlight of which was winning a Team Silver Medal at the Los Angeles Olympic Games. John may be better known for his second legendary partnership with the wonderful grey, Milton – the first horse to win over a million pounds in prize money! John and Milton represented Great Britain countless times and rarely had any faults. They won two team golds at European Championships as well as individual silver and team bronze at the World Championships in Stockholm in 1990. Their partnership spanned nearly a decade until John retired Milton in 1994. Milton died in 1999. John won the Hickstead Derby in 2000 as well as riding at the Sydney Olympics where the team was placed 8th overall. He won the Hickstead Derby for a second time in 2004, where he narrowly beat his niece, Ellen Whitaker (John has won the prestigious Hickstead Derby four times in total!). In 2005 he competed as part of the British team at the FEI European Championships in San Patrigano, Italy. He also rode as a member of the Nations Cup Team winning in Dublin and Lummen and coming 2nd in Lisbon, 5th in Hickstead and 7th in Rotterdam.

Recent Major Achievements:

  • 2009: Global Champions Tour, Valencia: 1st Grand Prix (Peppermill)
  • Member Meydans Nations Cup Team, La Baule: =3rd Rome (Peppermill)
  • British Young Horse Show: 1st 7yr old Open Final (Argento)
  • HOYS: 2nd Sky Sports Trophy (Utah Van Erpekom)
  • 2008: 1st Nations Cup Italy (Peppermill)
  • 1st CSI5* Netherlands (Casino)
  • 4th CSI5* Switzerland (Argento)
  • 1st CSI3* Sweden (Utah Van Erpekom)
  • 2nd Grand Prix Stockholm (Utah Van Erpekom)
  • 2007 -British Open: 2nd Zinc Management Stakes (St Honores Liquido), 3rd Accumulator (Lactic Two), 1st British Open Show Jumping Championships round 3, 7th British Open Show Jumping Championships Final.
  • Member of Super League Nations Cup Team: Rome 1st (Peppermill), St Gallen 8th, Rotterdam 1st.
  • European Bronze Medal GB Team, Mannheim (Peppermill)
  • 2006 –British Open Show Jumping Championships Joint 1st Puissance: (Lactic Two & Exploit de Roulard)
  • Dubai: 3rd Palm Speed Stakes (Lactic Two)
  • HOYS: 1st Special Event Services Cup
  • 2005 – British Open Show Jumping Championships: 2nd
  • Puissance (Exploit de Roulard)
  • Lisbon: 1st Grand Prix (Exploit de Roulard)
  • HOYS: 1st Puissance (Lactic Two & Exploit de Roulard)
  • Olympia: =1st Puissance (Exploit de Roulard)
  • 2004 – British Open Show Jumping Championships: 1st
  • Puissance (Lactic Two); 2nd Speed Stakes (Lactic Two): 2nd
  • Accumulator (Lactic Two); 2nd Grandstand Classic (Gem of India); 2nd Sheffield Masters (Gem of India); 3rd Meadowhall Classic (Gem of India)
  • Maubeuge: 2nd Grand Prix; 1st Six Bar (Gem of India)
  • Geesteren: 2nd Grand Prix (Gem of India)
  • Chantilly: 1st Speed Class
  • Belfast: 1st Puissance; 3rd Premier Stakes (Exploit de Roulard)

Guy Williams

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British Ranking: 4 Born: 1971 Lives: Kent

In 2006 Guy was a member of the Nations Cup Team and in 2007 he was a member of the Super League Nations Cup Team in La Baule, Rotterdam (where he gained a 1st riding Pilgrim II) and Aachen. He also did well at the Hickstead Derby, coming 3rd on Skip Two Ramiro. As well as countless International appearances and placings Guy has also been Leading Rider three times at Kent County Show.

Recent Major Achievements:

  • 2009 - Arena UK: 2nd A&B Grand Prix, (Torinto van de Middelstede)
  • British Open: 3rd Accumulator (Belinka Van Het Overlede Goed)
  • Show Jumper of the Month December & March
  • HOYS: 1st Tagg Cup (Torinto van de Middelstede)
  • Hickstead Derby Meeting: =2nd Skip Two Ramiro
  • Member Champions Nations Cup Team: Lummen (Torinto van de Middelstede)
  • Member Meydans Nations Cup Team: La Baule: Falsterbo (Torinto van de Middelstede)
  • CSI5*-W Mechelen: 1st Grand Prix (Torinto van de Middelstede)
  • 2008 - Royal Windsor: 1st Land Rover International (Skip Two Ramiro)
  • Royal Bath & West: 1st Renault Jump (Pybalia)
  • Kent County: 1st Accumulator (Ella IV)
  • HOYS: 1st Thomas Bates & Son Classic, 3rd HOYS Diamond Jubilee Cup, 3rd Accumulator (Torinto van de Middelstede
  • 2007 - HOYS: 1st Puissance (Una II)
  • Vimeiro: 1st Sicasal (Merva des Hayettes)
  • Lisbon: 1st Gen. Duarte Silva (Merva des Hayettes)
  • Neeroeteren: 1st Class 1 (Onyx V), 1st Class 5 (Skip Two Ramiro)
  • Nantes: 1st Prix Atlantic (Onyx V), 1st Events Prix Loire (Skip Two Ramiro), 1st AtlantiquePrix Lucas Delli, (Onyx V)

Robert Whitaker

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British Ranking: 5 Born: 1983 Lives: West Yorkshire

Son of international show jumper, John Whitaker, and nephew to Michael Whitaker, Robert is one of the UK’s most talented young riders. Between 1999 and 2002 Robert won two team gold medals at the Junior European Championships and two individual golds at the Young Rider European Championships. Robert joined his first Nations Cup team at La Baule in 2001 at just 18 years of age. In 2003 he won the inaugural British Open title and went on to be selected for Great Britain in the Nations Cup Team in Lisbon where he jumped the winning round to secure victory. In 2005, Robert was selected for a World Class Start and Potential Programme aimed to develop riders to Olympics levels for 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. Robert had fantastic results at the 2007 British Open winning the Zinc Management Stakes, the Grandstand Classic and the Puissance. He went the whole way and won the British Open Show Jumping Championships Final for the second time in 2008 on the fabulous Lacroix 9 and emulated this success again in 2009 by doing a hat trick and winning for the third time!

Recent Major Achievements:

  • 2009: British Open Champion (Lacroix 9)
  • Addington Manor Classic: 1st & 2nd (Lacroix 9 & Rooney IV)
  • Royal Windsor: 1st Land Rover Grade A, 1st Martin Collins Stakes (Rooney IV)
  • HOYS: 2nd Philip Billington Memorial Cup (Udo D V) 2nd Puissance (Draco)
  • 2008 - Member of Nations Cup Lisbon: 1st (Lacroix 9)
  • British Open: 1st British Open Championship, (Lacroix 9) 2nd Birmingham City Shield (Rusedski II) 1st Grandstand Classic (Rusedski II) 4th Accumulator (Finbarr V)
  • HOYS: 1st Puissance (Finbarr V), 3rd Horse & Hound Foxhunter (Rooney IV), 3rd Vinopolis Trophy, 1st HOYS Diamond Jubilee Cup (Lacroix 9) 1st Andrews Bowen Classic, 1st Accumulator (Rusedski II)
  • 2007 - Spanish Sunshine Tour; 1st Grand Prix (FinbarrV)
  • British Open – 1st Zinc Management Stakes, 1st Grandstand Classic (Nureev), 2nd British Open third round (Lacroix 9), 5th British Open Final (Prima Vera), =1st Puissance (Finbarr V)
  • Blue Chip Winter Championships; 1st Grand Prix (Lacroix 9)
  • Royal Windsor; 1st Grade A Comp (Lacroix 9), 1st Martin Collins Grade A Comp (Azucar), 2nd 6 Bar (Finbarr V), 1st Nat 1.40m (Finbarr V) 1st Grade A (Prima Vera), 3rd Royal Windsor Grand Prix (Lacroix 9).
  • Horse of the Year Show; 1st HOYS Cup, 1st Accumulator (Lacroix 9).
  • CSI3* Stockholm; 1st Grand Prix (Lacroix 9)
  • Member of Nations Cup; Dublin 7th (Lacroix 9).
  • Zurich: 2nd 1.50m A7 (Lacroix 9)
  • 2006 – British Open Show Jumping Championships: 2nd The Sheffield Masters (Nureev du Houssoit)
  • Blue Chip Winter Championships: 1st Blue Chip Grand Prix (Lacroix)
  • Member Nations Cup Team: Gijon 3rd (Nepos Van Limbo)
  • HOYS: 1st Puissance (Finbar V)
  • Belfast International: 1st Puissance (Finbar V), 1st Speed Grand Prix (Karina)
  • 2005 – British Open Show Jumping Championships: 2nd Grandstand Classic (Qualite); 3rd International Classic (Karina)
  • Lumen: 1st Derby (Karina); 1st A4 (Nathalita)
  • Great Yorkshire Show: 1st Cock o’ the North (Ublesco)
  • Hickstead Derby: 2nd Derby Tankard (Nicolette II)
  • Horse of the Year Show: 1st Easibed Stakes (Nureev), 2nd
  • Golden Bear Classic (Ublesco); 2nd Speed Horse of the Year (Nureev); Leading British Rider and winner of the HOYS Spurs
  • Olympia: 2nd Christmas Masters (Finbarr V)


Tim Stockdale

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British Ranking: 10 Born: 1964 Lives: Northampton

Tim started riding at the age of seven on his first pony, Danny Boy, a 12.2hh skewbald pony. As a youngster he was a keen member of the Grove Pony Club. After a year working for Mike Saywell, Tim went on to ride as second jockey to Graham Fletcher, both of which gave him invaluable experience in the world of professional show jumping. During his riding career he has been a British Team member 39 times with 5 wins. He was also chosen to compete in the World Championships in 2002. Tim is a fantastic equestrian personality taking great interest in promoting the sport to the public. He featured in a programme by Cutting Edge on show jumping in 1995, took part in a programme called Faking It in 2001 and acted as trainer and judge on the 2006 television series Only Fools on Horses. Tim came first in the Winter Premier Grand Prix at the 2007 British Open Show Jumping Championships riding Fresh Direct Corlato. He also came 2nd at the Horse of the Year Show in the Dick Turpin Stakes and 2nd in the Leading Show Jumper of the Year class. Perhaps highlight of his career to date would be riding for Team GB at the Beijing Olympics with the lovely Fresh Direct Corlato.

Recent Major Achievements:

  • 2009: Member of European Championship Team: Windsor (Fresh Direct Corlato)
  • Royal Windsor: 1st Land Rover Open (Kalico Bay)
  • Member Meydans Nations Cup Team: =2nd Dublin (Fresh Direct Corlato)
  • CSI3* La Courneuve: 1st Table A 4th Two Phase (Kalico Bay)
  • Royal Norfolk: 1st A & B Comp (Fresh Direct Roland) 1st Area Trial (Nabab Forever)
  • 2008 - Member of the team at Beijing Olympics (Fresh Direct Corlato)
  • CSI3* Nantes: 1st ( Fresh Direct Corlato)
  • CSI4* Toronto 3rd World Cup (Fresh Direct Corlato)
  • 2007 – CSI3* Nantes: 1st Grand Prix (Fresh Direct Corlato)
  • British Open: 1st winter Premier Grand Prix
  • Selected for European Championship Performance Squad (Fresh Direct Corlato)
  • Member Nations Cup Team: Rome 1st, St Gallen (Fresh Direct Corlato)
  • HOYS: 2nd Dick Turpin Stakes, 2nd Leading Show Jumper of the Year (Fresh Direct Corlato).
  • Royal Windsor: 1st Grand Prix (Fresh Direct Corlato), 2nd Grade A Comp (Fresh Direct Corlato), 3rd Speed Stakes (Fresh Direct Una), 4th Land Rover grade A (Animation II
  • Addington Manor: 1st Classic (Fresh Direct Animation)
  • Bordeaux: 1st Grand Prix (Fresh Direct Corlato)
  • 2006 -- Member Nations Cup: Lisbon, 2nd (Fresh Direct Corlato)
  • HOYS: Welcome Stakes: 1st (Fresh Direct Glenwood Springs)
  • 2005 -- Royal Windsor: 1st Speed Stakes (Fresh Direct Glenwood Springs)
  • Member Nations Cup Team: Gijon
  • HOYS: 2nd Royston 7 Year Old Horse Championships (Roland II); 2nd easibed Stakes (Fresh Direct Glenwood Springs); 2nd Vinopolis Stakes (Fresh Direct Glenwood Springs)

Ellen Whitaker

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British Ranking: 8 Born: 1986 Lives: South Yorkshire

Leading UK female rider, Ellen Whitaker, is daughter of Steven Whitaker and niece of international riders John and Michael. Ellen has had a magnificent year in 2007, joining team GB to compete at the European Championships in Mannheim Germany. Ellen rode a fantastic clear round with just one time fault helping to secure Great Britain’s place in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Ellen is a great competitor at the British Open, coming 2nd in the Midland Masters and 4th in the Grandstand Classic at the 2007 event. Surprisingly, she hasn’t yet picked up the British Open championship title but it is surely only a matter of time, 2009 was an unbelievable year for Ellen with wins across the board at both the British Open and HOYS. If she remains in this form, she is one to watch for the British Open title 2010.

Recent Major Achievements:

  • 2009 - Germany 3rd Grand Prix (Ocolado)
  • HOYS: 1st Speed Horse (Kanselier), 1st Puissance (Ladina B), 1st Leading Show Jumper of the Year (Equimax Ocolado)
  • Southview: 1st World Class Under 23 (Kanselier)
  • British Open: 1st World Class Under 23 (CS Online), =1st Puissance (Ladina B) 1st Accumulator (Kanselier) 3rd Midland Masters (Sefana)
  • CSI5* Madrid: 1st Puissance (Ladina B) 1st Table A Against the clock (Kanselier)
  • Member Team Champion Nations Cup Team: 6th Linz, Austria (Sefana)
  • CSI3* Dresden: 1st 1.50m Championship (Equimax Ocolado)
  • 2008 - British Open: 1st BSJA Winter Premier Grand Prix Championship (Kanselier)
  • 4th Puissance (Ladina B)
  • HOYS: 1st Zinc Management Speed Horse of the Year (Kanselier)
  • 2007 – British Open: 2nd Midland Masters, 4th Grandstand Classic (Kanselier)
  • Member Nations Cup Team: Rotterdam 1st (Locarno 62), Aachen 8th (Locarno 62)
  • Hickstead Derby meeting: 1st Speed Derby (Henry de Herne), 2nd A7 and 2nd A4 (Kanselier)
  • Member of the European Bronze Medal GB Team, Mannheim (Locarno 62)
  • HOYS 6th Leading Show Jumper of the Year (Locarno 62
  • Brunstadt: 1st Grand Prix, 1st A4 (Kanselier)
  • 2006 – British Open Show Jumping Championships: 1st Steel City Shield (Kanselier)
  • Awarded Leading Under 21 Rider, Members Personality of the Year 2005
  • Member: Nations Cup Team
  • HOYS: 3rd Cup (Kanselier) 4th Puissance (Locarno 62), 1st Speed Horse of the Year (Henri de Here)
  • 2005 – Tampa: 2nd World Cup Qualifier
  • HOYS: 1st Young Riders Championship (Henri de Herne); 2nd Leading Show Jumper of the Year (AK Locarno); 3rd Puissance (AK Locarno)
  • AGA Rookie of the Year in recognition of her achievements in the United States

Robert Smith

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British Ranking: 11 Born: 1961 Lives: Warwickshire

The eldest son of Harvey Smith, encouraged to follow his father’s example from the age of six, Robert won the Great Yorkshire Show Grand Prix by the age of 15. He has since represented Great Britain a magnificent 78 times in Nations Cups – winning 14 times; won the King George V Cup three times (in 1979 he become its youngest ever winner!) and he has a Bronze European Championships medal alongside his Team Gold and Individual Bronze medals from his Junior European days. At HOYS 2000, Robert won an incredible seven classes and in 2002 achieved the memorable double title of being top rider and owner at the end of the year BSJA rankings lists. Robert and Marius Claudius were Britain’s only representatives at the 2003 World Cup, and Robert and Mister Springfield represented Great Britain in the individual competition at the Athens Olympics where he finished 5th. 2004 saw Robert a frequent of Britain’s Nations Cup Team which included 1st at Hickstead and 2nd in Rome. In the same year he also was placed as runner up at the British Open. He then bettered his previous record by being crowned British Open Show Jumping Champion – twice!

Major Recent Achievements:

  • 2009: British Open: 3rd British Speed Stakes, 1st Midland Masters (Columbia II), 3rd British Open Championship Final (Raging Bull Vangelis S)
  • CSI5* Madrid: 1st Table C, 3rd Two Phase (Columbia XI)
  • British Masters: 1st British Masters Final (Vangelis S)
  • Member Meydans Nations Cup Team: 5th St Gallen, Hickstead (Vangelis S)
  • 2008 - HOYS: 5th Vinopolis Trophy
  • Dublin: Nations Cup 1st (Vangelis S)
  • Rome: Nations Cup 1st (Ronaldo)
  • 2007 – British Open: 5th Birmingham City Shield, 4th Accumulator (Ronaldo), 3rd Midland Masters (Vangelis S)
  • Royal Windsor – 1st Grade A Comp (Vangelis S)
  • Member Nations Cup Team: Rome 1st (Ronaldo); Dublin 7th (Ronaldo)
  • CSIO5* Rome: =1st 6 Bar (Vangelis S)
  • CSI5* Valkenswaard: 2nd A7 (Ronaldo VI)
  • 2006 – Vilamoura Tour: 1st Grand Prix (Blue Chip Quinton)
  • Member Nations Cup Team: Kiskunhalas (Hungary) 5th, Bratislava 1st (Blue Chip Quinton)
  • HOYS: 4th Newcomers Championship (Caloux Z) 3rd 7 Year Old Horse Championship (Temple Sandor Z)
  • 2005 – Selected for World Class Start & Potential
  • British Open Show Jumping Championships: 3rd Grandstand Classic (Temple Guess What)
  • Champions of Scotland: 2nd 1.40m Grand Prix (Blue Chip Quinton)
  • HOYS: 2nd BEIB 6 Year Old Horse Championship (Sonybanta) 3rd the Dick Turpin Stakes (Blue Chip Quinton)

Ben Maher

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British Ranking: 1 Born: 1983 Lives: Hertfordshire

Ben has competed successfully as a young rider and was repeatedly selected to represent Great Britain in the championship teams. In 1997 and 1998 he was a member of the gold medal winning team at the Pony European Championships and in 2004 he was a member of the gold winning Young Rider European Championship team. He also won a spectacular Puissance at HOYS in 2004 riding Eperlaan du Fouquet. Ben made his senior team debut riding Rolette at the 2008 Beijing Olympic equestrian events in Hong Kong where he came 20th in the individual final. His demonstration of skill and calmness under pressure has been etched on the selectors’ minds ever since and he has remained one of Team GB’s strongest assets. This was proven at the recent European Championships at Windsor where he finished the highest placed Brit individually and helped Britain to overall 6th place in the team competition with budding superstar Robin Hood W.

Recent Major Achievements:

  • 2009: Member Nations Cup Team: 2nd Wellington, FL (Robin Hood W)
  • Member Meydans Nations Cup Team: =3rd Rome, St Gallen, Hickstead, =2nd Dublin, 6th Windsor (Robin Hood W)
  • HOYS: 2nd Leading Show Jumper of the Year (Wonderboy III)
  • CSI5* Spruce Meadows: 3rd Grand Prix (Robin Hood W)
  • CSIO Calgary: 1st A4 (Akosie du Wonderland)
  • CSI3* Assen: 1st 1.50m Table A (Wonderboy III) 2nd 1.40m Speed (Lets Fly 6)
  • Las Vegas: 7th World Cup (Robin Hood W)
  • CSI3* Hamburg: 3rd Speed Derby (Akosie du Wonderland)
  • CSI5* Cannes Global Champions Tour: 3rd Grand Prix (Robin Hood W)
  • 2008: Beijing Olympic Games Team Member (Rolette)
  • CSI3* Nantes FRA: 1st A4 (Rolette)
  • CSIO5* Rotterdam: 4th Grand Prix (Rolette)
  • Member Super League Nations Cup Team: St Gallen: Rotterdam (Rolette)
  • Member Champion Nations Cup Team: Calgary (Robin Hood W)

Michael Whitaker

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British Ranking: 2 Born: 1960 Lives: Nottinghamshire

Michael was raised on his parents’ farm in Yorkshire with his brothers, John, Ian and Steven. They were taught to ride from an early age by their mother who was a keen horsewoman. At just 20 years of age, Michael became the youngest ever winner of the Hickstead Derby – an accomplishment that remains unbeaten to this day. In 1999, Michael was the highest placed British rider in the World Cup Final in 5th position. He then bettered his own record by coming 3rd in 2001. His many achievements include 5 x Olympic team selections, 4 x Hickstead Derby wins, 4 x King George V cup wins, 3 x European Team Gold Medal 1 x Individual Silver and over 100 Nations Cup appearances.

At the 2008 British Open Show Jumping Championships he was part of the Whitaker trio who took first, second and third at the Championships, just being pipped to the post by his nephew Robert. In the same year Michael was selected for team GB to compete in the Beijing Olympics, however, disappointingly Portofino had to be withdrawn from the event after she sustained an injury after arriving in Hong Kong.

Major Recent Achievements:

  • 2009: Member Meydans Nationals Cup Team: La Baule; = 3rd Rome (Wonami van den Aard)
  • Cannes CS15* Global Champions Tour: 1st Prix E (Insul Tech Potofino)
  • CSI5* -W Verona: 1st World Cup qualifier, 2nd Table with Jump Off (Insul Tech Amai)
  • CSI4* W Toronto: 1st Big Ben International Challenge (Insul Tech Wonami van den Aard)
  • 2008: Beijing Olympic Games Team Member (Portofino 63)
  • CSI5* Zurich: 1st A4 (Insul Tech Mozart des Hayettes), 3rd A4 (Amai), 1st A7 (Chammartin)
  • CSI-W Vigo: 1st Masters (Wonami Van Den Aard)
  • CSI W S’Hertogenbosch: 2nd A7 (Suncal Portofino)
  • Cervia Spring Tour (ITA): 1st A7 (Insul Tech Up to Date 8)
  • CSI-W Bordeaux (FRA): 2nd A4 (Insul Tech Mozart des Hayettes), 3rd A7 (Wonami van den Aard)
  • CSI-W Vigo (ESP): 1st Masters (Wonami van den Aard)
  • CSI 4* Bremen(GER): 1st Euro C Final (Wonami van den Aard)
  • World Cup; Gothenberg; 9th Overall (Suncal Portofino)
  • Member Super League Nations Cup Team: Rome 1st (Suncal Portofino 63) Hickstead 2nd (Wonami van den Aard)

Peter Charles

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British Ranking: 3 Born:1960 Lives: Hampshire

Peter is a rider with extensive experience and has competed internationally for many years. He has ridden in 71 Nations Cups and 82 World Cups in total, which is no mean feat when you consider he switched nationalities and began riding for Ireland in 1992, meaning he has been at the top of the sport in two different countries during his career! Coming back to the British fold in 2007, Peter has not looked back. Notching up wins at home and abroad, he was quickly reinstated as a staple member of the Nations Cup Teams riding for Team GB on many occasions.

1995 was probably his career highlight where he won the Individual Gold medal for Ireland at the European Championships at St Gallen in Switzerland. This was Ireland’s first equestrian medal at senior level in over 30 years. Not content with that, he went onto help Ireland to victory at three of the most prestigious Nations Cups in the world (Aachen, Dublin and Spruce Meadows). Perhaps more famous in this country for his back to back wins in the Hickstead Derby in 2001, 2002 and 2003 with the fabulous grey mare Corrada, Peter has new stars in Murka’s Pall Mall H and Murka’s Pom d’Ami who should be very exciting to watch this week.

Recent Major Achievements:

  • 2009: Member Nations Cup Team: 2nd Wellington, FL (Murka’s Pom d’Ami)
  • HOYS: 1st Philip Billington Memorial Cup (Murka's Nevada)
  • Hartpury Spectacular: 2nd Gold Tour Final (Rubert R)
  • South of England: 1st International Stairway (Murka’s Pall Mall H) 3rd (Murka's Rubert R)
  • Wellington Florida: 1st & 3rd Grand Prix (Murka’s Pall Mall H & Murka’s Pom d’Ami)
  • Member Meydans Nations Cup Team: La Baule, St Gallen, Hickstead, =2nd Dublin (Murka’s Pom d’Ami) Aachen: Falsterbo (Murka’s Pall Mall H)
  • CSI2* Wellington: 1st Grand Prix (Murka’s Pom d’Ami)
  • RIHS Hickstead: 1st King George Cup (Murka’s Pall Mall H) 2nd Queen Elizabeth II Cup (Murka’s Rupert R)
  • 2008: Member Nations Cup Team: 3rd Madrid (Murka’s Rupert R)
  • Member of Super League Nations Cup Team: St Gallen 5th, Aachen =3rd, Dublin 1st, Barcelona Super League Final 6th (Murka’s Rupert R)
  • Bolesworth Castle: 3rd Small Grand Prix (Murka’s Pall Mall)

Tina Fletcher

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British Ranking: 21 Born: 1965 Lives: Oxfordshire

Tina, wife of Graham Fletcher has enjoyed a glittering International show jumping career and still competes at top level in the UK. Tina has won the Queen Elizabeth cup twice, been reserve rider in the Barcelona Olympics, won Britain’s Leading lady rider, the Toronto Volvo World Cup qualifier and numerous International and UK competitions. Tina qualified for the British Open on a Wild Card at Addington.

Major Recent Achievements:

  • 2009: CH-EU-S-Windsor 3rd Grand Prix (Promised Land)
  • Hand Eq. Centre Senior Premier: 2nd Winter A & B (Saillant D)
  • Bramham H.T: 2nd Accumulator( Laura’s Choice)
  • Royal Show: 3rd International Trial , ), 3rd Royal Show Challenge (Saillant D )
  • British Open Show Jumping Championships: 6th BSJA Winter Premier Grand Prix (Promised Land) 5th Puissance (Promised Land)
  • Hickstead Derby: =4th The DFS Derby (Promised Land)
  • 2008: CS13 Windsor: 4th Class 36 (Yorkshire Business)
  • Horse of the Year Show: =6th Puissance (Promised Land)
  • Hand E C; 2nd 1.30m (Laura’s Choice), 1st 1.30m,  (Overa)
  • Thame Show: 2nd HOYS Grade C (Saillant D)
  • Great Yorkshire Show: 2nd Cock of the North (Promised Land)
  • Edenbridge & Oxted: 3rd Area Trial (Promised Land)
  • 2007: Medstead Grande: 2nd 1.30m (Promised Land)
  • Member Nations Cup Team Gijon (Overa)Barcelona Super League Final (Overa)
  • Royal International Horse Show: 1st Queens Elizabeth II Cup (Overa)

Paul Barker

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British Ranking: 16 Born: 1978 Lives: North Yorkshire

Paul Barker is carrying on the family name when it comes to International show jumping, his own father rode at the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games.  Paul will definitely be looking to make London 2012 his own dream and it is well within his capability. Paul has a great string of horses and a respective string of successes!

His first major success was at the Pony European Championships in 1992 where he not only helped the team to the Silver medal but won the Bronze individually too.  He remained a member of the team for the Junior and Young Rider European Championships which is a testament to his consistent record.  Paul qualified on a Wild Card for this year's show which is proof of his determination to suceed at the very top, he will surely be one to watch this year with his drive, determination and a host of talent he will not be out of the running.


Major Recent Achievements:

  • 2009: 2nd British Open Qualifer: Addington
  • HOYS: 1st Cup, =2nd Puissance (Anerida Anica)
  • Suffolk County: 1st Speed Derby (Quinton II) 1st & 3rd Horses and Hounds (Amadeus V & Quinton III) 1st Int 2* Trial (Clark 12)
  • Comporta Atlantic Tour: 2nd Two Phase (Temple Ryfield)
  • Arena UK Premier Show: 3rd Winter A & B Grand Prix (Anerida Anica)
  • Heckington: 1st Area Trial (Temple Ryfield)
  • Bakewell: 1st Area Trial (Temple Bonte Lola)
  • 2008 - British Open: 2nd Winter A & B Championship (Quinton II)
  • Heckington Show Area Trial: 1st, 2nd and 3rd (Quinton, Elegant C and Temple Ryefield)
  • HOYS: 1st Grandstand Classic (Elegant C), 5th Andrews Bowen Classic (Temple Ryefield)
  • 2007 - British Open: 5th Midland Stakes, 2nd Accumulator (Blue Chip Quinton II) 1st Knock Out (Temple Guess What)
  • HOYS: 3rd Ann Martin Memorial Cup (Quinton II)

Laura Renwick

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British Ranking: 6 Born: 1974 Lives: Essex

Married to John Renwick, Laura is back on the scene after taking a back seat at home with younger horses and children. Now focused again, Laura is ready for business and has had a cracking few years. A real highlight was at HOYS in 2006 where she took the inaugural Foxhunter Championship and the 7 Year Old Horse Championship, both with the superb Limelight de Breve.

Limelight de Breve has the makings of a world class horse and the partnership was selected for the Nations Cup in Copenhagen in 2008.  Laura’s other top rides include her Puissance horse Twister and young prospect Beluga II who took the KBIS 6 Year Old Championship at HOYS in 2007.

Major Recent Achievements:

  • 2009: HOYS: 2nd H&H Foxhunter (Oz de Breve), 1st Xerox Cup 2nd Cup (Beluga II) 2nd HOYS 6 yr Old Championship (Parvati de Breve)
  • Rowallen Premier Show: 1st Winter A & B Qualifier; 1st National 1.40m Open (Limelight de Breve)
  • Comporta Atlantic Tour: 1st Table A (Beluga), 1st Big Tour Grand Prix; 1st Table A; 1st Two Phase (Limelight de Breve)
  • British Open: 1st British Speed Stakes, 1st Grandstand Classic (Limelight de Breve)
  • Royal Windsor: 1st Accumulator; 1st Land Rover Open, 1st Thomas Bates Speed Stakes (Belluga II), 3rd Land Rover Eraser (Limelight de Breve)
  • Patchetts E.C: 1st PCA 33 Grand Slam (Limelight de Breve) 3rd (Beluga II)
  • CSI3* Ponte de Lima: 1st Table C, 5th Knock out, 2nd Against Clock (Beluga II); 1st 2 Phase (Limelight de Breve)
  • British Master: 2nd Knockout Final (Beluga II) 1st 1.30m Grand Prix (Vernon G)
  • Royal Norfolk: 3rd International Stairway (Limelight de Breve)
  • RIHS Hickstead: 1st Queen Elizabeth II Cup (Limelight de Breve)
  • 2008 - British Open: 5th PCA Futura Final (Limelight de Breve)
  • BSJA Scope Festival of Show Jumping: 1st 7 Year Old National Championship (Beluga II)
  • HOYS: 2nd Zinc Management Speed Horse of the Year (Beluga II), 4th Horse and Hound Foxhunter, 2nd HOYS Grade C (Roller Coaster III), 5th Leading Show Jumper of the Year (Limelight de Breve)
  • CSIO4* Copenhagen: 1st Nations Cup (Baloubet Nice and Easy)
  • CSI3* France: 1st (Limelight de Breve)

The British Open Show Jumping Championships is operated by Grandstand Event Management Ltd
Registration number: 4320393, Registered office: 7 Waterside, Station Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 4US